The Paradox of Mars Mission and Unemployable graduates

Further to our earlier posts on need for enhancing the capacity building of teachers and trainers in schools and colleges, the following reports by UGC Vice-Chairman and former minister of HRD Shri Kapil Sibal, highlight the urgency in addressing the challenges.

Enrollment in Higher education goes up – Reports UGC Vice-Chairman

The paradox of Mars Mission and poor employ-ability of Indian graduates

Generation Y, while better equipped with latest technological gadgets are they can judiciously and wisely use the same? Are our schools and colleges empowering them for the same?

We get contradictory information from the net on anything at the click of a button. Is this information bombardment or empowerment? How to find out the correctness and relevance of information that is available? How to make a wise-judgement and take the right decision.

Tablets, Mobile apps, and other electronic gadgets… How to use them? How can they be a boon to us?

When calculators came, there were reports of possible reduction in calculating ability of man, exercise to the brain and its usage. This is now validated by research. Mobile phones have hampered our memory capacity to store numbers.

Essays, assignments, project reports… everything at the click of a button. What is this doing to the thinking capacity of the human brain? How to enhance that?

The first step towards this is to empower our teachers in schools and colleges, have enough trainers in the market place who can then empower children to use all their faculties – Physical, Vital, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual in a balanced and effective way so that they can have a successful career in a stress-free way and enjoy social harmony.

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