CCE implementation – Trends across boards

CBSE has introduced CCE pattern of assessment and evaluation to make the learning process in schools more comprehensive while also reducing the stress and burden on students. The burden is now transferred to the teachers and schools. Its effective implementation adds to the already existing challenges faced by the schools.

However, an interesting observation is that schools  and teachers, while recognising the burden, welcome the move. They are convinced that this is a needed change our education system requires. Their main concern and effort now is to look at means to overcome this challenge effectively. This is a good news for the education boards.

Success of this system is validated by the fact that more state education boards are working towards implementing the same. This recent article points to the efforts by Goa state education board in enhancing the scope of CCE it is already implementing. Click to read more…

Tamilnadu State Education Board is also looking at enhancing the scope of its CCE pattern, to make the evaluation process holistic by assessing the thinking abilities of children. The board is also trying to walk in the foot steps of CBSE and has roped in its former director to help. Parallel to this effort is the effort to revamp the curriculum and syllabi of Samacheer Kalvi. Click to read more…

As part of its ongoing initiatives in this direction, CBSE has now confirmed the ways and modalities of implementing open text-based assessment. This is also a step towards enhancing thinking and analytic skills of students. Click the links below for more details and reports.

CBSE Circular on Open Text-based Assessment (OTBA)

What the press opines about OTBA?

Parents and school management welcome move towards OTBA

Interesting and contemporary content in OTBA to make children think differently

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