Changes in education system – CCE – Markets respond

The revised education system and assessment pattern based on CCE, involves more parent participation with increasing activities and projects to be done by students. This change while welcome, poses certain challenges. To name a few…

  • Parents of tier 1 cities are better empowered to help the children. With both parents working they do face their own challenges.
  • RTE brings in more first time school goers primarily in BPL families. These parents are not in a position to help their wards.
  • More parents in tier 2 and tier 3 towns and cities also have challenge in meeting the rising demands of their wards’ studies. With little formal education and least exposure they are less empowered to help their children in completing their projects and activities. They also see this as extra burden and unwanted pressure on children, robbing them of their limited time available for academics.

These point to two emerging needs in the market place:

  1. Orientation sessions for parents, so that they appreciate the changes that are being implemented and advantages these changes bring to their child’s future. Schools already burdened with other implementation challenges need help from experts who can handle these orientation sessions. This will help in their getting full support from parents for all their initiatives.
  2. Parents who are either less empowered or find paucity of time to help and guide their children need outside help.

There are reports of training centers emerging as alternate to tuition centers, primarily in tier 2 and tier 3 towns, to help children in completing their projects / activities / assignments. With trained experts, these centers guide the children in completing their assignments. These centers can supplement and complement the efforts of schools in this direction. Trained experts at the centers can also act as support system for addressing the need 1 above.

This response from the market also call for a word of caution:

The trainers in the centers should only help and guide the children in completing their tasks. They should not do the projects or emerge as project/assignment sales counters. The need for this caution emerges from the fact that there are such centers who sell projects / assignments for engineering college students. Please recall our earlier posts on declining employ-ability ratio of our graduates.

Parents should make sure that:

  • The center has enough trainers available to help their wards
  • The trainers are well-trained to guide their wards
  • There are trainers with a wide ranged abilities and strengths drawn from diverse backgrounds
  • The center has adequate infrastructure vis-à-vis the strength of students enrolled
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