4 Essential Life Goals of a Successful Person




This is the greatest and primary goal of an individual. All decisions – small and big, we take are based on the principle of pain and pleasure. We either seek to move away from pain or move closer to pleasure.

The decisions are always in the direction of big pain to a small pain to a small pleasure to a bigger pleasure…

We snooze the alarm in the morning and sleep for five more minutes – it is because we find more happiness in sleeping for five more minutes than getting up from the bed. If there is a train/flight to catch, we refrain from snoozing the alarm, because we know the pain gained in missing the train / flight is more than the joy gained  from sleeping for five more minutes.

The longer we can be in a happy state more satisfied, fulfilled and blissful; simply put… more successful we feel. We strive continually to stay in a state of happiness. As the state of happiness fleets, we restart our search to regain the state. The journey of success thus continues…

We hook on to people, things and situations that give us happiness and move away from those that give pain.

The best way to realise this goal is to train ourselves to be in a state of continuous happiness irrespective of people, things and situations around.

This leads us to the next two important goals of life – Security and Pleasure, the prerequisites for attaining the goal of Happiness.


Fear is an important factor which keeps us away from happiness. To be in a state of happiness we need to feel secure. This security is required in terms of people (relationships), things (money and other possessions) and situations. These are essentially the wealth of an individual giving them emotional, financial and social security. So security can also be translated as wealth one possesses.

People come and go, possessions gain/lose their value while situations keep changing as change is the essence of the world around.

How to remain secure and keep the feeling of security in this ever-changing environment?

What attitude and approach to life is required to feel secure midst change?

What career path is to be chosen to feel financially secure?

What knowledge is required to meet the above?

Finding answers to these questions and empowering ourselves with the essential skills help us feel secure, happy and successful.


We are emotional beings. We feel joyous when our big list of desires are fulfilled. We feel happy when we are able to enjoy the relationships with our people, enjoy the things we have and be in joyful situations.

What kind of relationships make us joyful? What kind of interaction with people help us keep longstanding healthy relationships? What things and situations give us long-standing joy and pleasure? These may be described as the rightful pleasures one should aspire for. The pleasure that gives us joy today but pain in the long run; or a joy that is short living is to be avoided.

How can we gain Security and Pleasure that is long-standing? Next goal provides answer to this question.


Being in harmony with people, things and situations around us is the key to gain real happiness. Wealth gained and desires fulfilled will give us long-standing happiness only when they are earned in harmony with the environment around. Else, they will come back to haunt us later in life.

Wealth or desires fulfilled – relationships with people / possession of things / career situations gained, by causing pain and trouble to others will not keep us in a state of lasting happiness. Security and pleasure so gained will either lose value or slip away. Hence we need to keep up harmonious relationship with the environment around. This environment includes people, animals, nature, etc., around us.

Ignoring the care for nature during the last four centuries of rapid industrialisation and technological advancements provided us with lot of pleasurable goods. But there is always the fear of global warming and its consequences lurking behind.

Man is a social being and hence he is bound to be a socially responsible person. One need to develop a feeling of oneness with the world to be able to care, love and show compassion to those around and thus be responsible.

To conclude we may thus define the life-goal of a successful person, “To gain security and enjoy rightful pleasures through harmonious interaction with the world around to attain an everlasting state of BLISS/Happiness” 

The skills that help one to achieve the above life-goals are called as life-skills.

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