The Road to Success… The current K12 system – a case study

28th Sep 2013.

It was the second day of national summit on quality in education conducted by CII. We were in one of the last sessions of the summit. It was a well planned and executed event by CII team headed by Mr Senthil Kumar.

As the next speaker was introduced there was widespread aura of appreciation among the 550+ audience comprising management heads of schools and education service providers from across the country. This young and accomplished speaker had achievements and recognition, at least one a year in his short career this far. The audience was wondering about the list of achievements and recognition he would gain in future.

As he rose to speak, Suhas was welcomed with a big round of applause. He offered salutations to his school principal who was in the audience. It was surprising for the audience to hear that this young and intelligent achiever was dubbed a failure while in school. His marks and hence his future was a great cause of concern for his parents and teachers alike. He did not hide his concern, as a student, that his leadership skills and computer skills were not recognised and accounted for in his academic records. Hence he was dubbed a failure. He however expressed happiness that the current education system, especially CBSE has started addressing this need.

The attention was drawn to the real concern when a principal rose to ask, “Suhas, What do you attribute your success to  in life. How far do you think has your school education played a role in your success?” She went on to explain that the motivation behind the question is to understand the core ideas of discussion for the past two days – How to educate and nurture socially responsible and corporate citizens for the 21st Century? How to inculcate values and life-skills in children? How to develop the humane part in an individual apart from academics and marks in various curricular activities?

In total, the discussion that followed was lively and thought-provoking emphasising on the need-gap that is to be filled in the education system and the work ahead of school management in addressing this. The discussion also validated the direction of work at Ankur, which complements the efforts of schools in fulfilling this huge need gap.

(We shall share in a future post Life Goals and Life Skills for Success in 21st Century)

The two-day event which focused on measurement, assessment and evaluation of subjective aspects of learning; scholastic and co-scholastic skills; life-skills education and evaluation; case studies and sharing of experiences by institutions in recording and administering huge volumes of records and data was appropriate, focused, educative and lively.

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