Akshata & Ankurita in a fantasy world

Hi everybody, I am Akshata.  I study in Vidya Mandir.  I live with my father, mother, and brother in an apartment.  And I have a neighbour whose name is Ankurita. She is younger than me but she is very friendly.  We play all day and all evening. We eat lunch at each other’s house all the time.  When we come back from school we immediately start playing.  We play hide and seek, we cycle around the building, and play mystery games.  I share all my secrets with her and she does the same with me.

One day I came home after school.  Just like every other day, I dumped my bag in my shelf, changed my dress and went off to play with Ankurita.  We played for some time and became tired.  We went up to my house to rest.  We went to my room and found a big box in the middle of the room with a letter stuck on top of it.  The letter said, “Akshata, enter with a friend.”

Ankurita and I entered the box and closed the lid.  The box started to spin.  A booming voice from the box said, “Wish a place that you want to be in.” The box began to spin faster and faster. Suddenly, we hit our heads against each other and got the same idea for where we wanted to be. We wanted to go to a place called Chocolate Land.

Suddenly, the box slowed down and stopped spinning. We were nervous and we slowly opened the lid of the box. We found a sign with an arrow pointing straight. The sign read “Welcome to Chocolate Land!”

We entered a street. The street was made of chocolate mixed with vanilla cream. There were houses on both sides of the street that were made of chocolate, pancakes, cherries etc. We entered the first house on the left. The roof of the house was made of pancakes. The pathway was made of candy sticks. The walls of the house were made of chocolate and the door of ice cream.  The window panes were made of colourful sugar candy while the window grill had soda flowing in tubes. The frame of the window was made of jelly while the door latch was of cherry.

Ankurita and I plucked the cherry and the door opened. We entered the house and found it covered with gems. We got to the first room and it was covered with dresses. The second room was filled with rings. The third room with necklaces. The fourth was full of earrings, the fifth tingled with sounds of anklets and sixth jingled with bangles. The last room had lots of hats and cooling glasses.

Ankurita and I were very happy to be in this place. We wore all the dresses, rings, hats and all the other things we found in the house. We were running around eating all the chocolates in the place. Suddenly I saw a lavender wrapper candy which read “don’t touch”. But since I loved candy and lavender is my favourite colour, I took the candy and tried to unwrap it.

Suddenly a voice rang out, “Akshata, stop trying to remove my shirt.” I rubbed my eyes and saw my father standing in front of me.

So, it was a dream after all. 😦

Akshata T. Kalyanaraman, Class III ‘B’

Vidya Mandir, Mylapore

P.S: This story has been received as an entry for Ankur Katha 2013. We congratulate Akshata for her creativity, imagination and presentation. We wish her ALL THE BEST to make it to the final stage and get her story published in the book next time.

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