Taking Yoga to (Special) Children – 3 (…Contd)

If the root of the tree is nurtured well with water and fertile soil, there is no end for the tree’s growth. It is so beautiful when the tree grows and to watch the tree as it grows is very fulfilling.

Similarly the growth of this IYP program year after year makes us feel all the more happy to go ahead in the path of seva and loving those kids.

Every quarter the evaluation process is done and changes in the child’s behaviour are recorded. Mothers are insisted to follow the IYP programme regularly with complete faith and belief so that the benefits of the practice can be experienced by the child as early as possible.

The challenges are addressed with the sankalpa also and hence the mother is motivated to say the sankalpa every day. Many mothers experienced changes in their child’s behaviour and have shared their happiness with us.

A log sheet is prepared so that the mother enters her day-to-day practices of yoga and sankalpa. On observing the log sheet we come to know whether the mother is making her child to do all the practices and whether she says the sankalpa daily. This log sheet is entered in the school itself in the presence of yoga teacher or their class teacher.

The knowledge of yoga is delivered to the mother, as she is the carrier of the programme to the child. The mother is empowered to help the child. This IYP model is a complete communicative model in itself.

We look forward to take it to other special schools also.


Jnana Jyothi, Yoga teacher,

Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane


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