Cowboys find their HERO!

Cowboys Find their HERO!

Once a group of cowboys challenged Swamiji to show how fearless he could be while talking about the undecaying and eternal atman, which is a man’s true nature.

Could he remain unmoved and statue-like while lecturing on the subject of the atman, whose realization, he claimed, makes a man completely fearless?

In order to test Swamiji, they put him on a drum inverted to form an improvised stool and asked to him to go on lecturing.  Then they fired rounds so meticulously as to whiz past his ears on either side.  If only Swamiji moved even an inch either way or shook his head howsoever slightly, he would have had to face the bullets straightaway piercing his ears!

Swamiji stood on the ‘stool’ calmly and started to lecture.

The cowboys started firing the rounds and a volley of shots whizzed past his ears with maddening speed.

Swamiji went on with his lecture unfazed and as if nothing worthwhile was happening around him!

The cowboys then put down their guns and greeted Swamiji saying: ‘Hey, this is our hero!’

Cowboys find their HERO in Swami Vivekananda

Moral: Practice Meditation and develop Fearlessness and Concentration

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