With Ankur on a Creepy Fantasy Island

Ankur and I were on a boat in the middle of the sea.  It was a long boat-ride and we got a bit stiff.  We were overjoyed to see a beautiful island!  We stopped the boat and stepped on the island.  As soon as we stepped on the island, the charming land instantly turned into a dark and scary place.  We were dead scared and turned around to rush away but there was a huge wall blocking us from going out.  We were stranded on this island.  We could hardly see anything because of the darkness and we decided to just keep walking until we were too tired and ready to crash.  After a long walk we looked at my watch but were shocked when the time was only ten minutes different from what it was before.  This made us conclude that this was a creepy fantasy island!

We kept hearing roars and other noises.  Suddenly there was a blinding light that made the place bright!  We were starving and saw lot of things around which looked as though they were fruits, vegetables, cakes and chocolates mixed up.  We were so hungry that we grabbed four to five of them at the same time.  The moment we touched them, they shattered into a thousand pieces!  Every piece turned into vampires and witches.  Blood thirsty vampires, and curse awaiting witches were all around us.  You cannot even imagine how scared we were, literally jumping out of our skins.  This was indeed a fantasy land!  All the fantasy lands we had read about had fairies, etc.  but this one was exactly the opposite.  We ran as fast as our legs could carry us but every nook and corner had vampires and witches.  We were so scared that we couldn’t even think of what we were doing and ran around everywhere.

In some places we saw old buildings, fountains with black water, fire-breathing dragons and roads made of blood and skeleton.  We ran around in circles and crashed down when we got tired.  We saw the vampires sharpening their nails on rocks and advancing towards us.

Creepy Fantasy Island

Creepy Fantasy Island

Ankur hugged me and closed his eyes forgetting that he was my older brother, nevertheless I did the same.  We screamed aloud when they scratched us but kept running.  We ran back the way we came, sweating of fear, looking behind all the while.

Little did we realize we were only heading back to the huge wall that locked us in here!  With just a little touch the wall crumbled through!

We jumped back into our boat and were amazed to find this land exactly the way it was when we first saw it. To make sure that this was not a dream we looked at our body. We had scratches all over our hands and our foreheads were sweating.

We were amazingly scared. But then, we realized it had been way too long and rode back as soon as possible, vowing to never come back to this creepy fantasy land.

Ananya Shankar, Class VIII

Bala Vidya Mandir, Chennai

P.S: This story has been received as an entry for Ankur Katha 2013. We congratulate Ananya for her creativity, imagination and presentation. We wish her ALL THE BEST to make it to the final stage and get her story published in the book next time.

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