Understanding Mind – An Absorbent Mind


awareness (Photo credit: tobias feltus)

Understanding comes in the space between two words, in that interval before the word shapes thought.

Understanding is not verbal, nor is there such a thing as intellectual understanding. Intellectual understanding is only on the verbal level, and so no understanding at all. Understanding does not come as a result of thought, for thought after all is verbal. There is no thought without memory, and memory is the word, the symbol, the process of image making. At this level there is no understanding.

Understanding is neither for the quick-witted nor for the slow, but for those who are aware of this measureless space.

J Krishnamurti

Understanding is being. Being in the very moment. A child from birth till about eight years of age is very understanding. Children of that age have absorbent mind declares Maria Montessori in her book The Absorbent Mind. They absorb and understand each moment of life intensely, effortlessly, naturally, like a sponge. After eight, the logical and intellectual mind takes over. The capacity to understand, creative genius is then gradually lost.

Pratyahara and Dharana practices of Yoga – Antarmouna, Ajapa japa, Breath awareness, Yoga Nidra, etc., prepare us to develop this kind of mind. They help us to develop awareness and keep the mind alert.

Logically thinking and intellectually sharp mind is required to handle various day-to-day affairs. But, the mind is most effective only when it is aware, alert, absorbent and understanding.

– If you are aware and alert to the mental chatter that happens while you are listening… true listening, devoid of filters can take place

– If you are aware of the words you are about to utter, you can be more effective in your communication

– If you are able to understand yourself, you will be able to understand others better and have better interpersonal relationships

These are but some of the benefits one gains by developing an absorbent mind.

For Adults…

Acceptance of what they are now, coupled with persistence, patience, perseverance and continuous practice under right guidance helps.

For Children…

Introducing the practices early in their life as part of the process of education helps.

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