The Crows and the Cobra

Once upon a time a father crow and mother crow lived on a tree along with their newly hatched young ones. There was a cobra living under the tree in its  hole. One day the cobra crawled up the tree and ate the young ones as they could not fly away. The mother crow was worried.

The crow family

She told the father crow – “Let’s go away from here and find a new home. The cobra may eat us up tomorrow when we are asleep.”

The father crow said, “We should not run away from danger. But fight it out with our strength. Let’s meet our friend fox tomorrow and discuss about this.”

The fox was glad to welcome his crow family. On knowing the story, he was shocked, but assured them to help out. He instructed the crows to pick up the prince’s necklace, tomorrow when he comes for bathe in the lake, and put it in the cobra’s hole. The cobra will then be taken care of.

Even though the crow couple did not know how this action would help them, they trusted their friend’s intelligence and did exactly as they were told.


The soldiers came running behind the crows for the necklace. On seeing the crow drop the necklace in the hole, they dug up the hole, killed the cobra and took away the king’s necklace.

The crow couple were happily surprised and Thanked their friend for the right guidance.


  1. Satsang (Good Company) will always help us in times of need.
  2. When in distress approach for the right guidance and follow it unconditionally.

A Panchatantra Story…

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