Proven Strategy… To Build Your Luck

He is a Lucky Guy…

If only LUCK favoured me…

I work very hard. But Luck never favours me…

Why doesn’t Luck ever favour me?

If only there is a strategy to build LUCK into my life…

These are some common statements we hear about LUCK.

Someone described Luck as the meeting point of Opportunity and Awareness.


This is not far from the truth. Ancient Indian scriptures have logically and scientifically established the presence of what is commonly described as Luck. They have gone a step ahead, described a strategy and provided us with tools to build Luck. One need to use the power of WILL to build his LUCK. There is no free lunch in this world. Anything requires an effort. Luck is not an exception. ūüôā

When the results of our action are proportionate to our efforts and action, we do not call it luck.

Sometimes results of our actions are disproportionately favourable or unfavourable. If it is favourable we call it Luck or Grace of God. If it is unfavourable we call it unfortunate or unlucky and term it lack of God’s Grace.

To gain God’s Grace people run around temples or other holy places according to their faith. They offer prayers and try to lure God (?!?) with attractive offers. Scriptures explain that God’s Grace is impartial and equally showered on all.¬†Running around Holy places may provide temporary mental relief.


Permanent solution…¬†Luck or¬†unluck; fortune or misfortune are purely dependent on our willful actions.¬†Let us see how…

Actions always take place at two levels – Gross and Subtle.

We know a building or a creation first happens at the mental level before getting physically translated. Similarly intentions are later manifested into physical actions.

Intentions are thoughts happening at the mental level, subtle in nature and not visible to the naked eye. Physical actions happen at the gross level and are visible to the naked eye.

Just like results of our physical actions are dependent on the actions of others around as well (Read: foot ball story), result of our intentions are also influenced and manifested based on other’s intentions. The difference being, results of physical actions are visible to the naked eye (Drushta – Visible) and manifested immediately. However results of ¬†intentions are not visible to the naked eye (‘A’Drushta – not Visible, Sanskrit translation for Luck)¬†– in the sense they are not manifested immediately.

Scriptures declare that our intentions (thoughts) draw upon and interact with the universal thought energy or universal consciousness (presence of which is now being widely acknowledged even by modern psychological studies. Quantum physics also has now come to accept this long-established truth) and manifest much later.

Cosmic Energy_2

When these manifest, the results of our physical actions are disproportionately affected. Since these are not visible (not apprehend-able  when they manifest, we attribute it to Luck (ADrushta) or Unluck (Dur-Adrushta).

To enhance this non-visible (Luck) factor’s effect to positively influence our actions…

Simply put, to welcome Luck into our life we need to…

  1. Develop and become aware of our thoughts and intentions
  2. Categorise the thoughts
  3. Weed out the negative thoughts and beautify our thought garden
  4. Enhance our Will-power to translate these thoughts/intentions into actions

Techniques for developing thought awareness, mind-purification (Chitta-Suddhi) and concentration (Chitta-Ekagrata) are provided to us in the form of Pranayama and Pratyahara practices like Yoga Nidra, Antarmouna, etc.,

Cosmic Energy

Effect of our earlier actions and thoughts – when we have been inadvertently and through lack of awareness undertook actions will continue to influence our present. This is called Destiny. The good news is that we are not puppets in the hands of destiny, as is commonly believed.

Born as Humans, we are gifted with the power of WILL and Awareness. Unlike animals, we have the ability to respond and not react to situations. Let us gracefully accept the current life-situation and resolve to chart the course of our future by filling it with LOTS OF LUCK.

Let us enhance our awareness, live mindfully and meet our opportunities more often…


Changes do not happen overnight. Willful thoughts have to be consistently translated into persisting actions.

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