A Perspective on FAILURE

When there is something called success, there needs to be its dual opposing factor – failure. But, is there a failure in real sense. If so, what is it?

A scientist postulates a hypothesis. He conducts experiments to validate his hypothesis.

If the results are in sync with the hypothesis, it is validated.


Else, it simply means that the hypothesis is wrong.


At the end of an experiment, the scientist finds out what is right and wrong. He takes the next step depending on the learning from his previous step.

The result of an experiment does not make a scientist successful or failure. His ability to interpret and analyse the results intelligently does.

We live in a society… We make choices. Others also make choices. All act according to their choices.

Every action has a result. Since several choices and actions happen simultaneously, the results of one action will have an effect on the results of other actions. If these results match our expectations, we consider ourselves successful, else failure. If we think we have failed, we become stressed and vent it out through emotions.

The flaw here is in identifying ourselves with the results. The results are only a reciprocation of our choices vis-à-vis choices of others – which we may or may not have control upon.

If we develop the attitude to intelligently interpret the results of our actions, learn our lessons and respond appropriately, there is neither success nor failure, only growth – through intelligent learning and applying it in subsequent actions.

“Paramapada Sopanam” is a traditional Indian game, which is the precursor or inspiration to the popular dice game – snake and ladder.

Paramapada Sopanam

Paramapada Sopanam

In a typical game one keeps moving up and down the ladders and snakes before reaching the end-point. There may be occasional leaps and downfalls – ups and downs along the journey.

However, as long as we stay put and persevere it through, we are bound to reach the end point.

Being assured of reaching the end-point, one needs to happily pursue the journey with all vigour and enthusiasm.

It does not matter how soon we have reached the destination. Staying put on the journey is important… Of course, as seen in an earlier post, making RIGHT CHOICES will help hasten the journey…

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