Advanced Train the Trainer Certificate Program In Life-Skills

Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane have together evolved a comprehensive life-skills program, ANKUR-SKILLS – Life Skills based on Indian Wisdom, in a structured curriculum format for the K-12 space to address the needs of education system as well as the industry.

This program apart from including the ten life-skills as determined by UN, also incorporates

  •  Vital-energy optimization, an essential tool that effectively manages the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual domains of an individual.
  • Essential financial and career planning skills that are necessary to be successful in the 21st century global capital economy.
  • Prepare children to bring out their dormant inherent potential at an early age through various time-tested and established Yogic tools.
  • The program respects all faiths and does not interfere with the faith of the individual.  Instead, it empowers the essential domains of the individual for resource-fully responding to emerging needs of life.
Come... Join the Movement...

Come… Join the Movement…

Our Advanced Certificate Training Programs in Satyananda Yoga and Ankur-Skills also provides the following advantages to the participants:

  1. The curriculum is developed and designed based on the knowledge acquired over half-a-century of research, experiments and findings at the Bihar School of Yoga adapting Indian Wisdom.
  2. The content, delivery model, training methodology have been validated by leading educational institutions across the world.
  3. Two year comprehensive program imparting experiential learning during first year.
  4. Earn while you learn… paid internship during the second year.
  5. Opportunity for qualified trainees to be inducted into the rolls of Satyananda Yoga Centre or Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd., who are offering these programs in schools or to take employment elsewhere.
  6. Our comprehensive ANKUR-SKILLS training program will empower one to become a sought after trainer in this space.
  7. On successful completion, promising participants also gain an opportunity to be supported for establishing / running the franchise Ankur Learning Centres.

Why Us?

Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) established, by Sri Swami Satyananda, 50 years ago on the banks of Ganga at Munger has been doing extensive research in one of India’s pride – YOGA.  Sri Satyananda strongly advocated the importance and benefits of Yoga by saying ‘Yoga is going to be the culture of the future’.

BSY has successfully transformed lives of lakhs of children over the past five decades through Yoga programs the world over.  The experiences of not only these children but also youth and adults who attended the various programs at BSY have been documented and researched in a scientific manner.  Based on these findings, a curriculum was developed which has been accepted as part of the child’s education program in many countries across the globe.

Satyananda Yoga Centre Triplicane, an extension of the Bihar School of Yoga in Chennai, has dedicated and invested its time and effort in taking Satyananda Yoga into the school education system.  Through its initiatives several private schools as well as government-run schools have successfully introduced Satyananda Yoga as part of their curriculum.

Over the five decades, Chennai based BLISS Group of companies, are actively involved in the education space through several non-profit organisations and trusts, as part of its CSR initiatives.  We have a clear understanding of the rising industry need-gap in skills in Indian graduates.  To play an active role in this space, we have established Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, as a socio-preneurship venture.

Hand-picked and highly experienced faculty – both in-house and guest trainers – from various domains and industries shall transfer the knowledge to the participants of the program.

The ideological harmony between Satyananda Yoga Centre Triplicane and Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd., initiated this socially relevant endeavour.  As per the saying ‘anything that comes free has no value’, we have consciously marked a notional fee.  This fee is returned to the committed trainee as internship stipend in the 2nd year.

We strongly believe in the ethos of our association – do your mite to preserve and propagate our ancient knowledge, the organic way.

For updates about this program and other details keep in touch at

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