The need for qualified trainers in Yoga & Life-Skills – in K-12 space

The Opportunity

“…all round development as the stated purpose of education implies optimization of hidden potential of every child in the physical, intellectual, mental and spiritual planes.  The CBSE initiative for the first time in the country makes an effort to translate the lofty goal of all round development into practice.

The ‘comprehensive’ component of CCE takes care of assessment of all round development of the child’s personality.  It includes assessment of Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic aspects of the pupil’s growth.  Scholastic aspects include curricular areas or subject specific areas, whereas co-scholastic aspects include Life Skills, Co-Curricular activities, attitudes and values.”

–          (Concept note on Conceptual Framework of CCE, CBSE)

The above introductory note as part of the currently implemented CCE pattern of evaluation by CBSE establishes the rising need for Life-Skills, Yoga and other co-curricular activities’ trainers in schools.

Samacheer Kalvi, introduced by The Government of Tamil Nadu, also makes yoga education mandatory in school curriculum.  Similar to the CBSE pattern, Samacheer Kalvi has also evolved a CCE pattern laying emphasis on holistic education, in its own inimitable style.

Several other Indian states have also made similar initiatives in school space to enhance the quality of pass-outs in Indian schools.

Thus Life-Skills and Yoga education in schools, as an evolving area has created a huge demand gap for adequately trained and equipped teachers; and the same will only increase, with more and more schools actively implementing this new system.

Need for Quality Trainers in Yoga and Life-Skills

Various studies have thrown light on the poor employability levels of Indian graduates and the lacuna is in their soft-skills.  While this being the case, global demographic trends point to the fact that, India shall emerge as the major provider of human capital to the global community in the next couple of decades.  Sensing this need more and more soft-skills trainers in corporate and college space are taking steps to expand their scope to K-12 space.

These trends emphasise a definite need gap for life-skills trainers in K-12 space apart from the rising demand within the school program.  Skill-building for quality trainers in this space will go a long way in nurturing confident and responsible global citizens.


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