Take your Summer Avatar as R K Narayan or Chetan Bhagat!!

Come Summer… and it is time for summer camps. Camps on various themes are in the market. Parents wonder about the theme for their kids. Children learn a lot about academics in their school. So, it’s time to give them a break.

CBSE and Samacheer kalvi also emphasise on holistic education – comprising life-skills, arts, yoga, etc., by making that as part of grading in schools. Choosing camps which hone the above skills during summer, one can get better grades; grow to become confident adults while also enjoying the summers.

With temperatures soaring higher camps on yoga, swimming, music, story-telling, drawing, arts and crafts may be chosen based on the child’s interest. One should ensure also to take care of their health by drinking lots of water, trying out different kinds of juices and seasonal fruits.

Another fast catching trend today is story telling/writing – across schools, universities and corporate world. Story writing has an integrated effect on various life-skills. Children are natural story tellers. Encouraging them to put their thoughts on paper, we bring out their creativity while also help them give expression to their fascinating inner world. Organizing thoughts in a structured manner, while engaging and entertaining the reader, is the qualification of a good author… communicator.

India has a great legacy of story-tellers and writers starting from Sage Valmiki, Veda Vyasa, Kalidas to modern age R K Narayan, Chetan Bhagat.

You could emerge as one of the best-selling authors. The Hindu has teamed with Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd to bring out the author in you. Start writing your story right away… Click here for more details…


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