An Unknown Devil is better than a Known Angel

“A known devil is better than an unknown angel” is a bonsai attitude of limiting one’s potential, which is born out of fear of uncertainty and the tendency to remain in status quo. However change and uncertainty is the nature of everything in this world. Born out of fear of uncertainty and unsure of existence of better times ahead, one tends to compromise with existing difficulties / challenges in life. Under the guise of practicality one does not extend to exhibit his/her full potential. This is exactly the nature of a bonsai plant. A bonsai plant is trimmed at its roots repeatedly… the source of its nourishment and growth – to make it remain dwarf.


“An Unknown Devil is better than a Known Angel” is a natural and evolutionary tendency, which is born out of the urge to realise the limitlessness of one’s potential. Right Knowledge is the nourishment required for us to explore the unknown territories of our immense potential. Right Knowledge leading to Right Attitude and Right Action, one will be able to move out of his/her comfort zone and realise that the unknown devil is actually a huge angel… An opportunity presented in the disguise of a problem or challenge. This realisation can happen, only when one takes up the challenge to face the devil.

baby steps

Children from a very tender age have to be exposed to uncertainties. It is the responsibility of a parent or teacher to provide the child necessary encouragement to take up challenging assignments and enhance their self-confidence. A baby who is quite comfortable in mother’s lap is encouraged to take the baby steps and gradually pepped up to walk and then to run as well. This process of encouraging the child to evolve to the next level is to be continued throughout one’s life time.

children flying2

Ankur-The Hindu Young World Katha 2013 is one among the series of initiatives planned by Ankur to provide children, encouragement and opportunity to explore their hidden world within and bring out their creativity.

Join Ankur to make this world a better place for our loving children… Follow this blog to keep yourself in the loop and be updated on the initiatives of Ankur…

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