Your Brand USP – Unique Selling Proposition

Corporate Marketing buzz word is USP, Unique Selling Proposition.

Marketing Gurus talk about market segmentation and market positioning to match with the organisation’s USP. USP is all about why their brand is different from others in the market and why their product or service should be preferred to the competition.

After corporate branding, Marketing Gurus have now started to talk about Individual branding. Personality development programs and Career development programs talk about Individual Branding. Sachin is a brand by himself. So is Kalam, Late Mangeshkar or even Gandhi and Lincoln.

The recall effect of the Value for which the Brand stands, determines the Brand Identity.

The relatability of the Brand identity with the majority populaces’ Core Needs determine the Brand’s Success.

A person with least interest in cricket also relates to brand Sachin.

A person with criminal back ground also relates himself to brands Gandhi, Vivekananda, Mother Teresa and the likes.

Recall how many brands do you relate to… not based on your needs and wants, but based on your core beliefs and values…

Try this simple exercise…

List out ten personalities and commercial brands you relate to…

Now, next to each brand and personality, write down three values they help you recall…

How many of these values are your core values?
How many of these values do you live by?
How many of these values do you aspire to live by?



Psychologically speaking, we buy products, watch ads, read books and news about people we identify with, as these acts help us to be close to our core values. We repurchase those products or services again and again, to get closer to those values again and again. The best way to quench this thirst is to make those values inherent part of us.

An organisation or Individual to become a popular brand…  or a successful brand…

the value they stand for… they get to identify with…

should match with those core values and needs of people, which are most common and are everlasting.

Such Brands live beyond their lifetime…

Such Brands gain perpetuity…

What are the core values you would like to identify with?

What are the core values you would like to be nurtured in your child?

What is the brand identity you want for yourself?

What is the rate of success you want for your personal brand…  “Brand                             “ (fill your name here)?

What steps are you taking to ensure that the values you want to be identified with… to become a successful brand… is nurtured or developed in you/your child?

What is your USP… which reserves a permanent place for you in their hearts?

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