Ankur meets Three Masons…

The construction for a big building is under progress.  Ankur was impressed with the size and design of the building under construction.  He wanted to inquire more about that.  He asked the mason whom he came across as to what he was doing.


Irritated with the intrusion, the mason replied, “Can’t you see I am busy laying bricks for this wall. Don’t disturb me.”  Dissatisfied with the reply, Ankur flew to another part of the upcoming building to inquire what was coming up there.

The second person was laying bricks for another wall in the same building.  Though disturbed from the work, he calmly replied “We are building walls for a big educational institution that is coming up here”.

Before Ankur could ask another question, the mason was already back into his work.

Ankur started flying around and found another person who was quite enthusiastic with the work he was doing. There was an air of brightness in his face.  Curious, Ankur inquired “What makes you so happy?”

The mason replied enthusiastically, “We are creating a platform for thousands of youngsters to learn and become contributing members of the society. We are building a Great University for the country.” The building in this part of the entire construction was more beautiful and progressing at a rapid pace. The workers around were also quite energetic.

Ankur flew back home happily to share with Ankita the lesson for the day…

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