A Game of Football… A Goal…

Another shot and it’s a Goal. Ankur is excited as this would be his first goal in an inter-school event.  In a fraction of second, just before he kicks the ball towards the goal post, the ball disappears.  A member of the opponent team snatches the ball at the end moment catching Ankur unawares.

Ankur did not lose hope.  Another 12 minutes, the ball is back in his control and he is once again in a similar position to make his goal.  Now he is more careful.  Very tactically, he succeeds in kicking the ball towards the goal.

Alas! The goal keeper prevents the ball from reaching the goal.

Ankur is now more determined.  He does not lose his composure.  His focus is on the goal and this time around ensures to place the ball carefully in such a way that it reaches the goal bypassing the goal keeper.

Ankur  makes his first goal in the inter-school tournament and is elated.  He jumps in joy, kneels down on his feet, closes his eyes and thanks his coach, Rishi for the most valuable tips he had given during the preparatory matches.  Quickly, the scenes unfurled in front of his eyes.

That was the selection match for the inter-school tournament and Ankur wanted to give his best and get qualified for the tournament.  The situation then was also similar… Ankur lost his ball to the opponent at the end moment. His team loses the match and his chances of getting selected for the interschool tournament is diminished.  He got furious, agitated and clashed with the opponent for preventing him in making his goal.

“Clumsy it may sound, but this is what most of us do in our daily life”…

Rishi continues his conversation with Ankur, post the selection match. “When we are working towards a goal, an obstacle comes and instead of looking at means to overcome the obstacle, we get so engrossed with the obstacle that the goal we had set out for gets out of sight. Once we cool down, we realize our folly. But, instead of reorienting ourselves towards the goal, we keep blaming the obstacle for having prevented us in achieving our goal.”

Rishi, a seasoned mentor, as usual is at his best… He integrates the nuances of Game of Life with that of a Football. No doubt he has nurtured not only successful sportsmen, but also successful men of life. He continues…

“Imagine a game of football, where there is no opponent and only one team is playing. There is no one to snatch the ball away from you.  Will the game be interesting?  Definitely not.  It is the opponent team or the obstacle that makes the game interesting and helps one to learn more techniques and methods to play and ultimately become a veteran in the game.

Practice makes a man perfect, more experience with awareness and focus will make a normal player into a great player. You need to remember that the player in opponent team is not your enemy. He is not preventing you from making your goal. He is trying to make his goal. Your job is to focus on your goal and work towards that and not to fight with the member of the opponent team.

It is the nature of the game and so is the nature of life. Goals and strengths of people are different. Based on the goal, people form teams, complement their strengths and play to win the game. If we can get this simple truth in, we can enjoy playing the game, give it our best and be happily successful, whether or not we win the game. Such a player goes on to become legendary sportsman. This is the journey of any successful sportsman.” These words registered strongly in Ankur’s mind.

Ankur Thanked Rishi for providing this vital Wisdom, for having faith in him and selecting him for the inter-school tournament despite his poor performance in the selection matches. He was also happy that he paid the price by practicing enough after the selection match so that he could do well in the inter-school tournament. The whistle blowed and Ankur is back into action…

He went ahead and also became the man of the tournament.

Another feather added in Rishi’s cap…

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