Why Children Yoga Festival? Not a competition?

This has been a question posed to me in the last few days. I wasn’t surprised. We are so much used to competitions, anything other than that doesn’t  appeal to us. But, we chose a festival instead competition with a specific purpose. The idea is to drive the message that competing is not a healthy way to grow, festival and expression of joy and happiness within is.

When you are competing, you are comparing yourself with others. You aim to better others’. Your focus is on the other person and hence your performance is limited to something better than the other guy. But, your own potential is not only much more than the other person’s but also unique to yourself.  When you focus on yourself… meaning your potential within, you actually do much better than when you are comparing with others. The very principle of Yoga is to unite. To unite with your Self and thus to unite with the rest of the world. When you are competing with someone in Yoga, you are moving away from others.

In a non competing environment, in Ankur Children Yoga festival, the child is provided with an opportunity to give an expression to his creative self and bring out the best in him. Performing in teams of 10, children complement their creativity to bring out a theme or concept that is uniquely different to their individual thoughts. They learn to work in a team environment accepting, adapting and uniting with the uniqueness of each other. They learn that Yoga is not just about asanas and introduce to themselves and other friends in their schools that Yoga also includes various other modes of uniting with the divine within through chanting, keertan, music, etc., They share information about different elements and branches of Yoga, its disciplines,etc., They learn about the contribution of great Souls like Swami Sivananda, Swami Satyananda, Swami Niranjan, etc., in bringing this unique gift of our ancient sages to the reach of common man in general and children across the globe in particular.

All this happening in a constructive and complementing atmosphere over a period of 6 months where more than ONE LAKH children know about the benefits of Yogic Lifestyle, is definitely a Festival of Joy and Bliss, A Festival of Yoga.

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