Ankur Children Yoga Festival 2013

Ankur presents Children Yoga Festival 2013 to Chennai School children.

Satyananda Yoga Education Charitable Trust conducts Children Yoga Festival every year. This year being the Golden Jubilee Year of Bihar School of Yoga, the festival is being celebrated on a grand scale involving students from more than 50 schools across Chennai city.

As Ankur also aims to reach out Ancient Indian Wisdom to school children to make the learning process holistic, it found an immediate connect in the festival objective and theme.

The festival involves
1) Yoga SKILL demonstration – integrating Asanas, Chanting, Bhajan, Oration, Quiz, etc.,
2) Oratorical SKILL demonstration
3) Nada Yoga (Music) SKILL demonstration

Unique features of this festival is:

1) It involves various elements or perspectives of Yoga – Asanas, Music, Study and contemplation.
2) It includes all three primary approaches in learning process- Sravanam, Mananam and Nidhidhyasanam
3) It involves demonstration of various skills and bringing out the creative element in the child in an unassuming atmosphere
4) It is unassuming because, it is a festival and not a competition. Children show case their SKILL not to outperform someone but to bring out the best in them as an expression of their inner joy
5) All the participating children will be recognised for their SKILL and effort and not because they have done better than someone. Every child will get a prize.

The festival will be inaugurated on 14 Feb 2013, Birthday of Swami Niranjan current head of Bihar School of Yoga and will continue till 15th Aug 2013 when the City level event will be conducted. The festivities will culminate at Munger ashram of Bihar School of Yoga in September 2013 coinciding with the Janmotsav celebrations of Swami Sivananda.

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