Launch of Ankur Website…

Hi Friends…

Glad to share with you that… Chennai based BLISS Group of Companies has established Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd… With an aim to educate our children through experiential disciplines and complementing current education system in nurturing Holistic, Productive and Happy Global Citizens.

Ankur offers long-term structured programs on Life-skills, Yoga, Music and Sports in an integrated manner to complement the academic learning and make the process holistic. These programs are designed based on time-tested Ancient Indian Wisdom and currently available for schools and colleges in and around Chennai, India. The structured curriculum mode of delivery make it easy for schools to integrate it into their curriculum structure.

I Invite You to visit the official website of Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd., which is now online… to know more about the programs and also request your feedback and support in reaching it out to the Citizens of Tomorrow’s Global Community…

We shall be keeping you posted about the developments in the company through a new category in our blog site… “News and Events”. This blog shall now also function as the official blog site of Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd.,

Looking forward for your feedback.

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