The Much Required Shift… Welcome 2013


Let us Welcome 2013 with a bang and fill it with many more…

Here are some suggestions for resolutions to live by in 2013…

a) Let us resolve to ask ourselves “Why am I doing, What I am doing?” before making a choice.

b) Let us resolve

To end each day by reflecting on the day that passed by (Learn from the Past)

Start the new day with an aim to live it better than the previous day (Plan for the future) and

Fill the day by living every moment in the Present… Make the best use of Power of Now!

c) Let us resolve that… When we come across incidents that cause anger… we will hold ourselves back for a moment, reflect and respond in such a way to better the situation

d) Let us resolve to educate those within and outside social networking sites about poor governance and wrong policies and make effective use of our franchise rather than resort to large-scale violence and protests.

e) Let us resolve to educate our children not only in academics, but also inculcate in them value systems and life skills so that they grow into mature, confident and socially responsible adults in a happy society.

f) Let us resolve to educate our children in at least one experiential discipline – like music, dance, art, craft, sports, etc., and help them develop their creative abilities.

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