The Much Required Shift… bidding adieu to 2012…

When clock strikes 12 this midnight, it will be time for fun, frolic and celebration the world over as the New Year 2013 dawns as per one of the most popularly followed calendars of the world.

It is also a time for reflection about the past… the year 2012 and plan for the future… the year 2013… through a new list of resolutions. Before planning for the future let us have a peek into the past… An analysis of 2012…

The year which started with tragic killing of a school teacher by a student in Chennai ended with the tragic death of ‘Nirbhaya’ at Delhi. Sachin bid adieu to one-day cricket ending one of the most successful careers in the history of cricket. Pt Ravi Shankar also bid us Good Bye in 2012. Our Sports heroes come back home with most medals won in any single Olympics. Modi is elected back to power for the fourth innings, through enhanced mandate. Social media gets active raising alarms in governing circles. Decks are getting cleared for killing entrepreneurship and self sustenance through the entry of multinationals in FDI. Let us look at them a little deeper…

The sudden and overwhelming support lent by the countrymen to Anna Hazare in 2011 for his anti-corruption movement has now translated to a much stronger and serious outburst of public anger against the Delhi incident. There have been scores of rapes and murders happening across the country everyday. Many girls, including minors have lost their lives due to unrestricted sexual indulgence by men. But why this sudden outburst against one such incident? To understand we need to see things in a broader perspective, instead of looking at isolated incidents…

These incidents and subsequent protests by common man are but triggers for people to vent out the angst suppressed for long. Earlier it was anti-social elements who triggered violence, post-Godhra and post-Ayodhya incidents leading to common men fighting among them causing loss to lives and property. However, currently it is the common educated men coming together and raising their angst against the Government. This significant change needs attention.

Thanks to Social media, now people feel they are not alone in feeling bad about the way the society is heading. They are now able to quickly connect with like-minded people and realise that if they take the first step, there are hundred others who are willing to lend their support and come behind them. This adds to their courage and we see sudden outburst of the deep-rooted sufferings in the form of violent protests.

Year 2012 also has shown us how effective use of technology, when coupled with good governance can help one to come back to power overcoming the much feared anti-incumbency factor.

It is time governments realise this truth and take corrective action not to curtail the freedom of social media and technological advancements, but enhance their quality of governance by effective use of the technology and social media. That is the only way forward for future governments to survive and govern, else face the music. No amount of political oppression can suppress people power… hope people in government do remember the emergency period (1975-1977) and its after effect on the then incumbent government.

It is also time for us common men to use this suppressed energy be directed in a better manner and put it to effective use. This angst and unease may be directed for creating a positive change in the common-men rather than blame the government. This does not mean we spare irresponsible and poor governance. We can put a check on them, at the right time, through proper exercise of our franchise.

Anything that begins has to come to an end, irrespective of whether it is good or bad. Cricket Hero Sachin’s adieu to cricket, Pt Ravi Shankar’s adieu to the world and Ratan Tata’s adieu to business are some of such significant happy endings we have seen in 2012. We are very proud of their contribution to the world.

More on the positive side… we have seen this year our Sportsmen come back with the highest haul of Olympic medals. Cricket is a good sport, but it is not the only sport. The above is a testimony to the realisation of above trend. This is a positive trend that needs to be nurtured further through more efforts.

In tomorrow’s post… We shall look at the much required shift and some of the specific steps that need to be taken in 2013 to make the world a better place than it was in 2012…

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