A Semi-active Volcano

Once Swami Mitrananda, President of All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra visited Jakarta, Indonesia along with some youngsters. While at Jakarta, they visited Bandung – a semi active volcano. Since it was semi active, it was quite safe to get near to that.

They went very close and watched the boiling lava live. They also saw people cooking rice and vegetables in the hot water. This was something unusual which they had never seen earlier and all were very excited. They thoroughly enjoyed the day, took snaps and came back to Jakarta.

While back at Jakarta, they were sharing their experiences with their kith and kin in India through mails, SMSs and calls. Just then a local youngster came in and started conversation with them.

He inquired whether they visited the volcano in the day or in the night.

When they mentioned that they visited it during the day, the guy said… “Ah! what’s there in the day. You should see it in the night. That will be a lifetime experience.”

Gone… all the joy they experienced during the day was gone… simply disappeared… just with a small sentence. Phone calls and SMSs ended.

Yes, such experiences abound day in and day out in our life.

This story was narrated by swamiji, to explain how momentary our joys are… and went on to explain the kind of outlook we need to have to experience permanent happiness and be a SthithaPrajna.

This was shared as part of the lecture series on “Dynamic Transformation” based on Chapter 14 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita

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