The Two Dogs…

Once my Yoga Guru shared this story in one of the sessions. (If I remember right, he mentioned it is from some upanishad). Anyways… what is important is the essence of the story and here it goes…

There was once a man who had two dogs – one black and the other white.

The man liked the white dog a lot. He always tended to him with great care and love. He always fed him in time… sharing beautiful stories and loving words. He always used to bid goodbye to him before going out and would greet him first on being back at home. And at nights before going to the bed he would kiss him and say goodnight.

The man did not dislike the black dog, but did not pay enough attention to him. His servants would feed him. Only rarely did the man feed the black dog personally. However, both the dogs received same kind and quantity of food to eat.

After a few months, the white dog grew very healthy, always vibrant with energy and taking care of all his master’s needs that are within his means. The black dog became dull, pale and weak. It soon fell sick and died.

The two dogs represent two different thoughts in our mind. The one that we tend to and think about again and again will grow stronger, affect our belief system and eventually form part of our personality and character. The one that we ignore will slowly fade out and disappear.

The Good news is that… We have a choice to choose what kind of thoughts we will encourage and tend to in our minds…

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