Lessons from Nature – Banyan Tree Vs Banana Garden

A Banyan tree has a lot of significance in Indian society. Most Indian villages house a banyan tree, which is the central meeting place for residents of the village to relax and network after a hard day’s work. Banyan tree also has for long been an example for describing leadership character. A Banyan tree is huge and gives shade and protection to many others without expecting anything in return. A leader is expected to do the same for his followers.
However, this does not hold water anymore. In a society where knowledge was within the reach of only some, this made sense. A leader had to take responsibility of using his knowledge for the welfare of all.

In the modern world, where knowledge is in easy reach of many and when society is moving towards individual empowerment, we need leaders like a banana plant.
A banana plant grows and nurtures many other small plants around it. When transplanted each small plant grows big and repeats the task of nurturing and growing more plants around.
Similarly modern-day society needs leaders who empower people around and grow many other leaders. When people have easy access to knowledge, we need leaders who can individually think and act on their own, giving expression to their individual excellence while also acting responsibly as a team working for the common welfare and growth of all. We need banana leaders – who make every aspect of them of some use to the society, have a space for themselves and provide space for others as well

Such leaders are nurtured by an education system, which help children to develop their various thinking and analytical skills while also inculcate in them the value of give and take in the society with a team spirit.

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