The messages from Nature… Oceans and Waves

If we listen to nature enough, we get enough messages from them for leading a healthy and purposeful life. This is the first of a series of posts about the messages that I heard from the world around me. Being in Chennai, home to the world’s second largest beach… Marina Beach is one of my favourite relaxing destinations.

If we liken ocean to the world community, with its many droplets representing the individual human beings…

The birth of each wave is likened to our birth along with many of our brethren and the wave reuniting with the ocean to the death… we go through the cycle of births and deaths, each time trying to reach the greatest heights in life. However, we are bogged down by a BIG ME mentality. Me, My family, My possessions, My kids, My relatives, etc., This ME mentality, ‘I’ness limits the heights we reach in life.

However, there are some droplets, which are able to let go of this ME mentality and live with a WE mentality. They Live(d) for the common welfare of others, rise to the highest levels of Maslow’s heirarchy – self actualisation. These droplets surge up along with other droplets in the ocean, but instead of coming back to the waters below, rise above to reach the skies, form clouds, move over the land and shower as rain on the lands. Thus they make their lives meaningful and come down to earth as pure water fulfilling the needs of many.

Great souls like Swami Vivekananda, Buddha, Gandhi, Sri Ramanuja, Sankaracharya, Chinmayananda, Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar, Ramana Maharshi, Sivananda, Satyananda, Ramakrishna, Edison, CV Raman, Narayana Murthy, Sudha Murthy, Ratan Tata, Jamshedji Tata, etc., are such drops who  could rise above to the skies and stand as an inspiration and motivation for many others like us, and move us from ME to WE mentality…


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  1. Very deep thought. Life lessons can be learned from every aspect of this universe including nature, mountains and water. I am living near Pacific ocean as well and I watch not only the sky colors at different times of dawn and dusk but also the waves rising and falling. There is a beautiful book “River Sutra” by Geeta Mehta, in which she emphasizes listening to the river which tells life stories. It is only matter of fine tuning our senses to experience and learn from this wonderful classroom.

    • Thanks for the feedback Anita. I would love to read the book by Geeta Mehta. Of course… river is one of the elements on which I am planning to write in the series of posts on lessons from nature.

      • Not only one learns from flowing water but from every aspect of nature,
        . All one needs to do is be open and become aware. I learnt a valuable life lesson by watching pair of birds building nest in my window every spring and giving and nurturing life. After the babies became independent, they flew the coop and thus a new life cycle began. This was a time in my life when my own child was leaving home to get education and become an independent and responsible citizen of world. As Buddha said the mindfulness is a spritual and psychological faculty that is of great importance in the path of enloghtenment

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