FAT – Learn the Indian Way…

Indian approach to learning has been the experiential approach. In the Gurukul environment, the student used to stay along with his guru and serve him in various tasks. The Learned guru, being aware about his students, used to assign such tasks to different students, so as to provide them with the kind of learning they need. We have umpteen number of stories in upanishads and other ancient Indian literature that emphasise this aspect. This learning to live life, used to happen alongside the so-called “academic education” for which the student approached the Guru.

There also used to be entrance tests in gurukul days. A guru always used to test his student’s interest and intense of desire to learn the subject before accepting him as his disciple. This clearly demonstrates that the intent to learn is more important than the previous knowledge one has on the subject.

In this approach the process of gaining knowledge follows the three steps – Feel, Act and Transform through right Knowledge.

Feel: The student is first made to feel the need for gaining knowledge that is being transferred. When the student intensely feels the need and recognises its importance, he would naturally develop interest on the subject. Then learning the subject will be a natural and stress free process. This is something all educators need to realise – the first step in imparting any knowledge is to generate interestGenerate Icha Sakthi…

Act: The next step is to provide the student with experience. Empower with Kriya Sakthi. When you read something it may stay for a while. But, when you experience it stays with you for a lifetime.

Transform: Now that the student has had the experience, next step is to become intensely aware about the experience and review it dispassionately. Through discussion about the experience and its results… or through introspection… the student gains awareness about the right knowledge. At this stage there is a comparison between the experience and that which is mentioned in the scriptures.

Where there is a doubt, the student approaches the Guru and gets his doubts clarified. Thus the Right Knowledge and learning happens at the core. The Knowledge thus gained remains with the student for his lifetime… Transformation Thus Happens… Jnana Sakthi is generated

This TriSakthi… Icha Sakthi, Kriya Sakthi & Gnana Sakthi… is the Indian Approach to Learning…

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  1. Anonymous

     /  August 27, 2012

    Unclutch ur self from belief system then u can unlock ur mind to greater realization


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