Focus on the Core – takes care of the Cover…

A balloon when fully blown has a shape. kids enjoy playing with it. When there is no air inside… the core is empty, the balloon loses its shape and has no value.

A wheel – with a strong hub and spokes, a strong core – will help it to move far and carry heavy loads. However, if the core is not strong, it does not serve its purpose.

Similarly Roots form the core for the trees, giving its strength and agility. A strong foundation is the core for a strong building.

In the same way a strong and successful person should also have a strong base, inner strength. This forms his core and adds value to his external looks and activities he takes up in life.

Inner strength is gained by awareness about the Self – one’s values, strengths and weaknesses – and awareness of the relationship between self and the external world.

Such awareness will help one to improve further on his strengths, work upon the weaknesses and develop right kind of contact with the world around him.

Such awareness will help one to tap his dormant inherent potential, enhance self-confidence, be more productive, successful and happy in life.

Such awareness is gained not by lectures, readings and bombardment of thoughts, but by dispassionate introspection by a calm and still mind.

Working on the external elements like Communication skills, time management, interpersonal relationships, goal setting, dressing and etiquette, presentation skills, etc., will have value only when awareness about the self is enhanced and inner strength is built, in the first place. When inner strength is enhanced, these external elements would bloom out naturally from within. Focusing on the core will naturally take care about the cover.

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