SPORTS – a Dynamic way to bring out your potential

SPORTS mean energy. TEENs are at their highs of Energy. A closer look at SPORTS will reveal what it can do to their life.

S… tretch & Bend & Twist & Turn while playing. Done in right proportions and methods, this will make you flexible and stretch your limitations… thus expand. It will not only enhance your sporting abilities, but also brings in flexibility and success in all aspects of life

P… lay with Enthusiasm, Zeal & Vigour This will give expression to the infinite energy that is deep within, make you feel fulfilled and enhance your self-confidence. The same Zeal and Vigour is obviously translated in other aspects of life as well.

O… bserve with Awareness While playing you are not only aware about your moves, but also about the moves of the opponent. You are closely monitoring not only the physical movements but also the likely thought process of the opponent. A successful sports person does all this quite naturally, as if it is his second nature… and without any extra effort. This ability is gained over time through regular practice. The best part is, this happens very subtly at the level of sub-consciousness… Asanas practice with awareness will help to develop this ability

R… eflect with a balanced mind Winning and Losing are quite common and natural in any game of sport. Any player will see both successes and failures in his sporting career. A successful sports person is not perturbed by losing a match, but will reflect closely on the reasons for failure and work upon them to improve his performance in the next event. Similarly, he is simply not carried away to a high on winning a game… but keeps his poise and work  to improve upon his earlier performance. Thus, a sense of equipoise and balanced mind is developed over time. He grows and evolves beyond the results and is focused on the process. This attitude is also translated to other aspects of his life

T… ransform Self & thus the society Thus a transformation happens within. This positive transformation and positive energy is spread to the people around him. Once he is quite successful and becomes an icon, others will try to follow him. Thus he starts influencing others in a significant way… a very basic and essential trait of a leader

S… erve & spread smiles around YOU Thus a successful sports person is indirectly serving the society and spreading smiles around him… making this world a better place to live in…

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