Are you a Sculptor or Farmer?

As a Parent, As a Teacher, As an educator… how do you see yourselves?

  A Sculptor carves out a beautiful image from a barren rock. There are many sculptors who do such fine job that the sculptures look like real, life laden images. A sculptor simply gives that shape to the rock, which he had conceptualized in his mind. The stone with no inherent characteristics simply takes the shape, its sculptor gives.

Many a time, a parent or teacher consider themselves as sculptors and the children their sculptures. They try to mold and carve them out into wonderful human beings. A noble objective Or is it really so?

In India we frequently see parents wanting their children to grow up and become like them or like what they wanted to be, but could not. Several others want to make them simple money-making machines and force them to learn that, which can probably earn them more money. Few others try to mold them like their ideal or what they think is suitable according to the times…

A Farmer grows a mighty tree or a small plant, all with same amount of Love and Care. A farmer knows that each seed is different and provides such kind of environment the seed requires to grow to its full potential. Like all living beings seeds have an inherent nature that is unique to itself. The farmer provides the right environment for the seedling to emerge and simply act as a facilitator in its growth process.

We need such parents / teachers – who will provide the Right, Conducive, Compassionate and Loving environment for the child to grow into establishing his full potential… Such educators who will see the child from his own eyes and let him grow himself based on his inherent strengths, his Swadharma… Such educators who simply let the child be both the sculptor and the sculpture, while they act as standby helpers in the process providing them the necessary tools and implements…

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  1. Education is The Manifestation of The Perfection Already in Man – Swami Vivekananda | Ankur Learning Solutions

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