Facilitating Intellectual Growth in Today’s World…

Knowledge Is Power” was the phrase earlier. Yesterday it was called Potential power. Today… In the virtually connected world Knowledge is fast ceasing to be power.  With just a click of the button anyone can get information about anything from anywhere in the world and hence the differentiating factor of possessing knowledge and considering it as power is fast ceasing to exist.
Till about the 7th or 8th decade of 20th century, knowledge was a key differentiating factor between success and failure. Hence one was focusing on enriching themselves with more knowledge and acquiring more degrees to gain status and respect in the society. Society also highly regarded and respected such people and sometimes danced to their tunes. Money and political power also naturally followed such intellectuals.
Slowly when knowledge started to come within the reach of more men among the commons, the differentiating factor of knowledge started reducing. Emotional factor started gaining its importance. More Intellectuals being available within the reach… society could now afford to ignore and reject such people with high IQ but poor EQ. It is no more just IQ but also EQ that makes a person successful in most fields. This argument is not intended to undermine the importance of intellectual growth, but to give its rightful position in the overall growth of a person…
In today’s technology and media ruled world… the definition of  an intellectual changes from “Being highly knowledgeable and also possess the skill to evaluate and apply the knowledge practically by looking at things from different perspectives.” toPossessing the skill to discriminate and identify the right kind of knowledge required and putting that into action”.
The earlier definition of intellectual holds good only where the penetration of internet is still either nil or in the early stages. However, keeping in view the pace at which the world has progressed in this aspect in the last two decades, the day is not far when internet would have virtually reached all parts of the world. In such a scenario, we need to take care to impart apart from academic knowledge, the ability to discriminate right from wrong, opinion from truth, pleasurable from appropriate, and the likes… Only such individuals will be able to make right decisions, set realistic, yet challenging goals and figure out the path to reach their goals happily.
Instead of rote learning, internalising the essence and making the basics in the concerned field their second nature always has its value.
While specialisation will continue to play an important role, what will hold the key is an understanding of the relationship one’s field has with, and the ability to relate the same to diverse fields. For example a specialist on Indian Culture will have more value, if he is able relate and compare the same with not just other cultures of the world, but also with politics, economics, religion, corporate, etc.,. A mathematician being able to relate to music, a scientist being able to relate to humanities and culture, etc., will give a completely and dynamically different perspective to their field.
Such “perspective knowledge gaining” will stimulate various mental capabilities of an individual and facilitate his overall growth. SUCH KNOWLEDGE WILL ADD POWER TO ONE IN THE DAYS TO COME…
Some of the ways to facilitate above is when one
– Has the desire to learn more and have an overall interest in what is going on around him.
– Is creative and curious and never stops learning
– Is open to new ideas, think critically, and seek out new challenges.
– Assimilates what is learned in the classroom with what is experienced outside the classroom in order to enhance their potential for living a more fulfilling life
– Allows himself to interact with people of various backgrounds
– Exposes himself to diverse experiences
– Reads informally or takes an unnecessary class that interests him
 – Asks more questions and expresses curiosity to the people around whether they are professors or laborers, coworkers, family or friends, or simply acquaintances. This type of intellectual stimulation also fosters social health
– Challenges himself to see more than one side of an issue
– Plays games that encourages one to “think outside the box”. This will also make learning a fun-filled and enjoyable experience.
– Has a sense of humor and a sense of their place in the world
– Maintains proper nutritional habits and exercises regularly
– Doesn’t simply believe all he reads on internet or sees on TV, instead, think critically about it
As it is said… “catch them young”. The brains, when they are still young… while one is at school… the above needs to be facilitated, encouraged  and recognized by both the parents and teachers.
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