Being a Responsible Social Being

Man is not alone in this world. He is in constant touch with his surroundings. He is a social being.

We are all aware about the ecosystem and importance of maintaining ecological balance. Every being in this world – a herbivore, a carnivore, an omnivore or even scavengers have an important role to perform in maintaining this balance. Absence of one element from the above will lead to ecological imbalance.

The same holds true for diversity in seasons and different parts of the day. While the day time and summers provide opportunity for expression of vibrant rajasic energies, cool winters and nights provide the needed rest through expression of rejuvenating tamasic energies, pleasant springs and dawn provide the opportunity for expression of reflective sattvic energies and healthy propagation of life forms on this earth.

While, in the west people enthuse on seeing the bright sun, in the east we revere and long for the rains. Whatever may be the season or climate we long for, when we understand the importance of various climatic conditions, we shall be able to appreciate and enjoy all seasons.

So there is nothing like which is important and which is not; which is desirable and which is not. What is important is understanding and maintenance of the right balance.

This understanding when extended to humans… their diverse thought processes and perspectives, will enable one to appreciate even contradictory view points.

This understanding will put ideas ahead of personalities and facilitate healthy debates and discussions.

This understanding will help one to appreciate and encourage the expression of free will of others and facilitate healthy interpersonal relationships.

This understanding – not mere intellectual understanding but through actual experience can happen only when one is able to understand himself better.

The more one is able to see the contradictions and conflicts within, better he is in a position to understand and appreciate the conflicts in the outside world.

The more one is able to find peace and emergence of new ideas in the midst of these conflicts and contradictions, better he is in a position to find the same in his interaction with the outside world.

The more one is able to see his longing to express his free will and perspectives, better he is in a position to appreciate the expression of free will and perspectives of others.

The more one is able to confidently lead himself, better he is in a position to lead others.

The more one is able to understand the importance and his dependence on various elements – living and non-living in his environment, better he is in a position to preserve and conserve the same for the overall well-being.

To quote J Krishnamurthi… “To understand ourselves, we must be aware of our relationship, not only with people, but also with property, with ideas and with nature. If we are to bring about a true revolution in human relationship, which is the basis of all society, there must be a fundamental change in our own values and outlook… if we apply our minds and hearts to the task of knowing ourselves, we shall undoubtedly solve our many conflicts and sorrows.”

It is this kind of growth and understanding that we need to give our children through education in schools. This kind of education can be given says J Krishnamuthi “by being in close relationship with him (the child). We have to talk things over and let him listen to intelligent conversation; we have to encourage the spirit of inquiry and discontent which is already in him, thereby helping him to discover for himself what is true and what is false. It is constant inquiry, true dissatisfaction, that brings creative intelligence…’

And it is by awakening of such creative intelligence within us will we be able to awaken the same in the child and help him grow into a responsible and lovable social being…

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  1. delhiexpress24

     /  June 7, 2012

    Very well put. Balance is the key principle of our universe and in a balanced universe, everything is connected to everything regardless of space and time. Everything in universe are composed of energy including out thoughts. Quantum physics explains that all forms of matter and energy are attracted to vibration. Thus our thoughts, positive or negative has a direct effect on our physical being. Consciously or unconsciously we direct universe to bring in our life what we fucus on. Our connection to every thing in the universe is at subatomic level also. But we are not aware of this knowledge at the core of conciousness. No man is an island but we act like we are.

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