The Physical Body

Our Physical Body – is the medium, instrument which help us perform all the functions we intend to. Even the best of computers can’t replace human brain. And the intelligence with which various parts of this body is built is immeasurable. If one has to accomplish what one wants to, he needs to be Physically Healthy.

One takes utmost care to preserve and maintain an expensive gadget or ornament or a car. More expensive the object, more is the care and concern. But are we really taking enough care to understand and take care of the most expensive treasure – our body… without which we cannot do any work? Are our kids being given enough inputs about the importance of good health?

Change is the essence of nature. Our physical body is also subject to constant change. Starting from birth there is constant formation of new cells and death of old and worn out cells in the body. During the young and growth phase the formation of new cells is faster than death of old cells, thus the body grows and we are young and energetic. After mid-age, this pace changes and the wearing out of cells gains pace and is faster than formation of new cells. As we reach old age repair of damaged cells and formation of new cells is so slow, that as a whole the organs and organ systems fail to function, as they did when one was young.

In one way we can relate death to a state wherein the body system as a whole is not able to maintain a balance and hence fails and collapses. Thus death of this physical body is only an extrapolation of changes happening at the cellular level, which is a natural process of change. This pace of formation and deterioration determines the death age for an individual and no one can outlive this physical change.

But we can of course determine the duration and vigour with which this physical body is kept active. There are three ways we can keep this physical body active, healthy & energetic:

– Feed it properly: Give only that keeps it healthy and not all and sundry that attracts the tongue… a big challenge these days with so many options to eat. Especially for people who live to eat and not eat to live… this is an herculean task. However, this is a choice one has to consciously make to be healthy.

– Give appropriate exercise to both internal and external parts of the body. Various Asanas will help us achieve this. Sports and Games(outdoor) is a better way for children to exercise their body rather than sitting in front of TVs and Computers…

– Keep it clean: We have to remove the waste and cleanse our body thoroughly… Not only the external body but also the internal organs need to be regularly cleaned to keep all the cells, tissues, organs and organ systems active and energetic for longer period. There are several Yogic Kriyas stipulated for cleaning different internal organs of our body.

There is a tendency to do yoga asanas by seeing various TV programs or DVDs or by reading books. However this is not advisable. One has to learn these in a proper way from a guru or expert. Each body is different and the scheme of asanas and postures may vary from individual to individual, which an expert can only decide correctly. Books and DVDs can add as supplementary aids to enhance one’s knowledge…

Yoga Sutras are one of the best source of information for keeping this physical body fit.. but there are also other benefits and dimensions of Yoga which will be covered in future posts…

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