A Positive Trend in Higher Education – Participatory role for students

There are various concerns in the education pattern that is churning out high percentage of unemployable, non-life-ready graduates from the college. Change has to happen from the base from K-12 and even prior to that stage. Few days ago we reviewed about some unfavourable trends in the post “Campus Freedom – Are we dealing with adults?’.

But there is always a ray of hope and there are positive changes visible in some institutes. Today’s Education Plus feature in The Hindu has reported one such trend. This is an exemplary action for many others to follow – where in the students are playing an active role with the support of the university in renovating the curriculum to suit the modern day’s needs. The university is conducting workshops to elicit views from the students on various topics and making changes in the curriculum and evaluation pattern based on the recommendations coming out of the workshop. A link to the referred article is given below:


This is an excellent way to channel the creative discontent energy in students for making positive changes in the education system. When more institutes start giving credibility to students, it will enhance their confidence on the institute and the system. A natural outflow of this will be respect, discipline and adherence to rules and regulations in a natural way that is born out of conviction. This will also make the lives of students, teachers and management easier.

While students may be in a position to make such recommendations in colleges, PTAs can play such active role in schools. Even here, based on the age group inputs up to various levels may be taken from students.

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  1. Agree it cannot be student body alone. Industry, Parents, Academicians all have to put in their bit… That’s what I meant by collaborative effect of all stake holders…

  2. delhiexpress24

     /  May 15, 2012

    I agree that it will require collaborative efforts of all stakeholders and change will come slowly. But we have to think about our students, they can not wait. I am also not sure how much clout student body has in bringing about change. Perhaps the industries can demand a curriculum reform to meet the specific skill sets.

  3. delhiexpress24

     /  May 14, 2012

    I show my ignorance to the current happenings in educational institute in India so my comments would be mostly generic. If I understand correctly, higher education has been failing students in preparing them for the next phase of their life, contributing member of society. I applaud efforts made at one university to bring changes to curriculum to meet the needs of modern world. It is a step in right direction. I would also like to make a recommendation to have outside groups of industry to be inclusive in this effort. I have evaluated education systems in Europe/Us and found two systems having different approach. In US, our educational system is based on democratic principles of equality in education preparing every students for college, irrespective of student’s interest. This has resulted in frustration for students as well as industries because we do not produce skilled worker. I strongly believe that efforts need to be made at K-12 level and curriculum needs to be evaluated. Our curriculum has lot more breath than depth. We also do not teach problem solving, critical thinking or even how to think to our students.

    It is simplistic view point to a very complex and monumental problem. We have to have holistic approach towards this educational reform and it has to come from all the stakeholders.

    • Things aren’t much different over here in India. Thankfully CBSE is now working to get those elements implemented in the K-12 space. But there are lot of implementation issues and challenges. It is only with collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, that things can improve…


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