Discontent to Freedom… to Independence

J Krishnamurti says…

Conformity leads to mediocrity… Revolt is of two kinds: there is violent revolt, which is mere reaction, without understanding, against the existing order; and there is the deep psychological revolt of intelligence… which is not reaction, and which comes with self-knowledge through the awareness of one’s thought and feeling.

He further adds… “If those who are young have the spirit of enquiry, if they are constantly searching out the truth of all things, political and religious, personal and environmental, then youth will have great significance and there is hope for a better world… The Young if they are at all alive, are full of hope of discontent; they must be, otherwise they are already old and dead… Most parents and teachers are afraid of discontent because it is disturbing to all forms of security, and so they encourage the young to overcome it through safe jobs, inheritance, marriage and the consolation of religious dogmas… We must understand discontent, of which most of us are afraid. Discontent may bring what appears to be disorder, but if it leads, as it should to self-knowledge and self-abnegation, then it will create a new social order and enduring peace. With self-abnegation comes immeasurable joy.

Discontent is the means to freedom… It is the burning desire to inquire, not the easy imitation of multitude, that will bring about a new understanding of the ways of life…”

We are all aware that, if we want to have different results, we need to do different things and in different ways. But what is that different way? How do we know that? It is this creative discontent that is born out of SELF KNOWLEDGE AND INTELLIGENCE… will ultimately lead us to the right answer.

The emphasis here is on the words Self-Knowlegde and Intelligence. Intelligence is normally mistaken for knowledge or accumulation of information… Conventional Education focuses on equipping children with this kind of intelligence which is nothing but intellectual knowledge. Mere accumulation of information is only one part of learning… a part of Intelligence. Intelligence is the capacity to perceive the essential, the what is in its entirety as a whole. Intellectual knowledge is about the thought functioning independent of emotion, whereas, intelligence is the capacity to feel as well as reason; and we need to approach life with intelligence, instead of intellect alone or with emotion alone. It is through this integrated approach one can gain self-knowledge. When one observes his thoughts, feelings and actions in a dispassionate manner which is self-abnegation all about, he can gain self-knowledge. Such knowledge will make one inwardly rich, filled with love and free from fear and as a process of its natural expansion and sharing with the child, he will help the child to also become internally rich, full of confidence and free from fear.

Thus, it is a natural requisite for the parents and the teachers (who are educators) to first understand themselves and grow rich and independent, internally before moving forward to providing the right kind of education to the children. Such educators who themselves are filled with creative discontent, will be able to nurture the naturally available creative discontent and absorptive learning capacity in a child. They then will be able to understand and appreciate the inquisitive nature in a child… the discontent in them leading to revolt against the existing values (which is a reason for all the stress and strain in modern life) and establishing a new world order which is based on the foundations of Love.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  June 5, 2012

    What is the source of your quote from Krishnamurti?

    • Welcome Anonymous!!! Would appreciate, if you could share your identity…

      The quote has been taken from “Education and the Significance of Life”


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