Where there is a WILL…

Shiv Rishi ji shared this link yesterday through LinkedIn.

A very inspiring and live example of what is possible when there is a strong will and effort. A must watch video for all, which will help one unlearn all the ‘NO’s they keep constantly hearing around them and boost their self-confidence.

Another learning I had from him a couple of days ago was that “One can make a choice as to what one wants in life. However, it is necessary that we take constant, consistent and untiring effort towards that without worrying about the timelines, as the manifestation of the result is dependent upon many things that happen around us. Working with timelines will build unnecessary restlessness and pressure within and may make the journey towards goals an unhappy experience.”

This new perspective on setting goals with(out) timelines is worth consideration, especially by the Training & development professionals across the globe. Achievement of a Goal is considered Success If and Only If the path towards the goal, The Journey is also a happy and enjoyable one…

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