Learning through games

Innovative and Unique Games is an interesting way teachers can make learning an enjoyable and loving experience for children.
In the first session of Anatomy and Physiology session for yoga, that I had attended a couple of weeks ago, the instructor made a statement – “if I do not make jokes and fun, while teaching, anatomy is such a dry subject that people will feel bored.” This session was for a select group of passionate yoga instructors and practitioners. If learning had to be made an interesting and fun-filled experience for such a select group of adults, we can imagine what is required for a diverse set of children in a class.
Actually teachers can create games that are innovative and interesting to children to engage them, especially for certain dry subjects/ topics. They may either customise some popular games like housie-housie to suit the needs of their topic of discussion or create their own unique game. Customising a popular game will have the advantage of immediate attention and also providing a different perspective of looking at things. When teachers start doing such things, the creativity in children is also enhanced and they will end up providing more tips to teachers to create more games or improving the existing one.
An interesting way of customising Housie-Housie to learn Geography is given below. Similar logic can be employed for any other subject.
Objective: To teach or evaluate the understanding of certain geographical facts.
Step One: Make a list of geographical locations or places about which children have to know certain facts. Ex: Mumbai
Step Two: Make a list of questions, about the locations – the question should revolve around the fact that the child has to learn about that location. These questions can be made into small chits(instead of numerical coins), that are selected at random from a box. Ex: The commercial capital of India.
Step Three: Make a set of 30 or 40(depending on class strength) unique tickets that contain in 3 rows names of locations around which the questions are built. These tickets are a replacement for tickets containing numbers in the original housie- housie game.
Now you have all the three elements of a housie-housie game ready. A sheet of facts (instead of numbers), a bunch of question chits (instead of numerical coins) and a set of tickets.
Depending on the creativity of the teacher, this can be used either as an assessment / evaluation tool or to teach more facts about already known places.
The umpteen ways and means by which a teacher can use this game is limited only by the creative genius of the teacher.
Through this method a child who has come absolutely unprepared will also pick up facts and figures easily in a stress free and fun-filled environment, will develop an interest in the subject and also learn more than he will do otherwise.

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