Campus Freedom – Are we dealing with Adults?

A Second page feature in The Hindu dt. 17th April 2012 talks about freedom restriction in Colleges. The links for the articles is given below

It is surprising to note that parents, management and teachers alike think that keeping boys and girls away from each other is the way we can discipline them and teach them how to handle relationships with opposite sex. Obviously these people soon after graduation are going to enter into the world outside, who will control them or teach them there? When mature adults and intellectuals who have seen many ups and downs in life and faced the world more than those students can’t appreciate this who else will? No surprise we hear of so many break ups these days, as the spouses are not able to get along well with each other. This is happening both in arranged and love marriages. I am aware of 2 such instances – both in love marriages of course… The break ups that happen before marriage is more abound…

Ideally such learning, sex education – dos and dont’s – including where to draw a line in relationships, the essence of give and take in any relationship, ethics morality and values should be taught much earlier during different growth phases while still at school. Quite early in life it is essential to be taught to children that it is in their own interest to develop a healthy give and take attitude and having good social relationships with people – irrespective of age, sex, creed, caste, etc.,.

Last week when we were discussing about taking a moral education program to school children one of our associates shared  – A school principal said that they have a moral education class in the time table because they need to have one, but neither do they have teachers nor have any clue as to what is to be taught to children in that class. With such principals around… No wonder we see depreciating values in the society and poor employability levels (due to lack of soft skills) of our graduates. A ray of hope in this incident was that the Principal was open to someone coming and handling that class…

Can Parents take it up with their schools to ensure that holistic education is provided to their children apart from academics alone? Holistic education for balanced growth on all spheres can help a child to become a complete and happy adult.

But how and who will teach these intellectuals and experienced adults the importance of providing life-skill education to students apart from academic skills? Can these write-ups in leading newspapers bring about a change in their thought process?

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