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An interesting article on relevance of technology and their use in education in the modern world. The author poses a question “How to use technology in schools?” The link to that post is given below

The answer is not an easy one and cannot be answered off-hand. We need to think through before coming up with practical and valid answers. Nevertheless, I have added another dimension to the question and left a comment in the post. I am reproducing the comment here seeking thoughts from my readers as well…

Today… When everything is available at the click of a button, what should the kids learn in the school…
Th answer I got is… Earlier, knowledge was power as it was not freely available. So that had to be taught to the kids. Now with the web world, the scenario is quite different.
What (information) is available on the net. How to use the information, why do they need the information and what information they should look for and when, is something we need to teach the kids of current generation.
I have not heard the need for or existence of personality development programs and interpersonal skills training in earlier days because people dealt with people more freely and learnt that as they grew. Today, these have become a necessity, because people have started living and dealing more with machines… So children have to be taught these, focus should be more on these in the schools.
So using this technology, we need to see how these skills are also imparted to the students and make them more humane, more peaceful and more loving…
We need to teach students and pose challenges to them so that they think to find solutions and not get that easily at the click of a button…. Underline… we need to LET THEM THINK…

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