What does listening mean? Why is it important to listen to people?

When we listen to people…

Do we listen to confirm and validate what we think is right or do we listen just to find out what the speaker is trying to say?

Do we listen to people to hear what we want to hear or do we listen to hear what the speaker wants us to hear?

The answer to the above questions help us to understand our attitude when we listen to people. And being aware… is the first step towards becoming better listeners.

Here listening need not necessarily mean through ears… Even hearing the message from a book is listening.

What is the approach with which we read a book or a magazine or a journal? Are we approaching with some predetermined beliefs and conclusions or are we approaching them with an open mind?

And… Being a Good Listener is a Pre-requisite to being a Good Learner;

…a Pre-requisite to being a Good Educator…

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